November 23, 2015

  • Restarts Policy Change – Starting 11/30/15 restarts will be 90 days out rather than 60 days.
  • Prior Enrollment Screen – Please include this screen in the file audit emails. They need it to see if a tablet should be sent or not.
  • Talk vs. Text – While text messages can provide convenience, there are times when an actual phone call is warranted. Please place actual phone calls, to have discussion about ARM, UEH, Verification, etc.
  • MPN/EC– If you have the time available during the FAA, please complete the EC and MPN. The ACs are going to help with them when they can, but if the FP can complete this during the FAA, please do.

November 18, 2015

  • Update to Dependent Parent No Social – When the signed ISIR is returned, the planner must go in and correct the ISIR to reflect that the student and the parent signed it. (STEP SEVEN)
  • High School or Equivalent on ISIR – The student must have a GED or Diploma to enroll, so they must choose one of those options on the FAFSA.
  • fafsa
  • Pell for Less Than 9 Credits – Loans are not available for anyone that has less than 9 credits in an AY but they are eligible for ¼ Pell if their EFC is low enough.
  • New Pell Disbursement on PCEs– According to Sonia’s new charts we are able to award more Pell than we initially thought. If your file has already passed audit there is no need to change it but if you can make an ARM lower then please do.
  • Arm Adjustment and Months to Repay– Remember that if your ARM total goes down to another bracket that you have to redo the loan to make the months lower.
  • Money Received/Paid on your Behalf (PARENTS OF DEPENDENTS) – There is not a spot on the FAFSA/ISIR to add this for a parent of a student so, as per CFA, it needs to be added to “other untaxed income”.

November 10, 2015

  • Graphic Arts Program – The credits and tuition were changed slightly in August but some may not be aware. The new IL is attached.
  • Veritax – Heather came up with an instruction tool to help students sign the Veritax form. It is attached to this email.
  • File Audit Fails for SchoolDocs – Double check ALL of the documents uploaded to SchoolDocs before submitting for audit. Best way to do this is by using Docubinder (let ADOFP know if you need help with this). A lot of the file fails are for things like “info sheet doesn’t have 2 family references”, “PLUS form has wrong campus”, “Not all ISIRs are loaded into SchoolDocs”. DOUBLE CHECK EVERYTHING!
  • EFC Change after ISIR Correction– Notify the auditors of the new EFC when an ISIR correction is made. When putting what corrections were made please mention if the EFC went up or down and what it changed to. If it didn’t change please indicate this as well.