• ARM Approval over 25K – If an ARM approval for over $25K is denied by Dr. Alan Hansen, please remove them from your daily report numbers (like a bad POG). Still do your best to bring in down payments, scholarships, etc., but there are certain cases that cannot be overcome.
  • PLUS Approved but Low Income (Cont.) – When a parent is unable to afford the PLUS and we are trying to bypass the loan we will need a statement from the parent, proof of fixed income, and a completed ARM budget. These items must be turned in to CFA for approval and they all go in the file under FA Parent PLUS Application Results.
  • Head of Household – We have been told by Ed Kraus that if the ISIR shows “Head of Household” but the student should not have filed that way, regardless if they are selected for verification or not, they must correct it. If they put it on the FAFSA on accident it must be fixed or if they actually filed that way then they need to be told to amend their taxes.
  • Entrance Counseling Assistance – Please make sure that you are not stating exactly where to find the answers to the questions. You are allowed to direct the student to use the chart to answer questions but please refrain from pointing out exactly where to go.

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