April 7, 2016

  • CLA – Please make sure the CLA is the new version. It will fail audit unless it is the new one.jgjh


  • 16-17 UEH – We need college transcripts for years 12/13, 13/14, 14/15, and 15/16 in the file. This is for both loans and grants in these years.
  • Pending 16-17 ISIR Files– Please do not submit a file for audit pending a 16-17 ISIR correction. We must have the final in order to pass audit.
  • FAME Corrections for 16-17 – FAME corrected an error with all 16/17 ISIRs. Please check any 16/17 ISIRs you have pulled before today to check the information on them. Some came through with missing answers and amounts. You may need to print the ISIR again if this has happened.
  • Gender Question on ISIR ***UPDATE*** – If a female student doesn’t answer the gender question, we can correct it as an FP if we have a valid ID in the file. We do, however, have to wait for the new ISIR to come in before submitting to audit. The ISIR does not need to be selected for verification in order to fix it, we only need a valid ID.

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