April 26, 2017

  • Hyphenated Last Names – Dashes are not required for the last names on the DocuSign forms or EAs.  If the last name is Smith-Jones, it can read SmithJones and will be fine.
  • Tax Return Transcripts – We are now able to accept signed 1040s in place of tax transcripts, per Ryan Perry.

April 19, 2017

  • 30 Day Hold – If the JFP forgets to check the box when running the enrollment wizard, the loan dates will be off.  The 1st year planners will need to be looking for the hold when they program the awards and manually update these if incorrect.
  • 17-18 ISIRs – If the 17-18 ISIR is causing an issue while programming awards, email L-Dene and see if she can fix it.

April 6, 2017

  • Award Letters to Students – CampusVue generates an award letter when CFA funds an account.  The award letter is sent via email, from the planner on the account.  Please familiarize yourself with the email sent and what the award letter looks like.
  • Scholarships – The planner does need to update the PCE and ARM when a student receives a scholarship.  Many of our students receive the scholarships long after they are packaged, but fail to update the PCE or ARM.  This causes problems when our collections department calls to collect on past due amounts when they do not actually exist.
  • CLE Hold Groups – The CLE group is no longer a hold group.  You will have to manually search the student’s groups to see if they are in the CLE group.
  • Matching Funds (UPDATE) – If a student qualifies for matching funds (tuition assistance match) and another CEHE grant/scholarship (Ex. 33% clinical grant), they can receive both.  Per Eric Juhlin, we CAN award CEHE grants and scholarships to students using the matching funds for tuition assistance.