October 5, 2015

  • Dislocated Worker – In order to continue receiving the dislocated worker discount the student must maintain a cumulative 2.0 GPA.
  • Repack Notes – Repack note on your contact manager list in Cvue that is within the 1st AY of the student originally being packaged is your responsibility to get the note cleared. Any other notes or request for updates to ARM or PCEs that take place in AY2+ will need to be directed to the ROSLC team as a repack note. If the business officer contacts a planner to create or update an ARM loan for a past student, please direct to the ROSLC team to have it updated.
  • Activities – Planners cannot close out an activity if it does not belong to them. Make sure it is reassigned to the correct person and leave it as PENDING.
  • Dependent Parent No Social – If the parent already put zeros on the FAFSA then it just needs to be wet signed by the parent. If the parent didn’t put zeros then the ISIR needs to be corrected by the planner and then wet signed by the parent.
  • Notarized Forms – We can turn in files with the picture and FedEx showing it’s shipped but we have to have the original copy by the MOD deadline in order to count them. They will be dropped like a pending POG if we don’t have it.