August 12, 2016

  • ARM Changesarm changeseduplaneduplan2
  • Program Changes in CVue – Whenever you do a program change in CVue (for students who haven’t started yet), the registrar’s office needs to be made aware so they can change the classes they are enrolled for.
  • HCM1 – It is VERY important that students understand that when they receive a check it is NOT free money. It is intended to cover tuition charges that will be hitting their account in the near future. Some students do receive a CLE so if you are not sure if the student is a CLE student or needs to return the funds then please reach out to an ADOFP.
  • ARM PCE Completer Programs – If you are working with a completer degree the below transfer credits (in red) need to be added to the PCE in ARM in order to calculate 3rd year funding.
    • NUNUOB05 – Nursing BS Completer 116 + 90TC (206)
      RTRCMB01 – Resp Care CM BS Completer 96 + 84TC (180)
      RTRCPB01 – Resp Care ACP BS Completer 96 + 84TC (180)

August 24, 2015

  • Low Income Form – If the “other” box isn’t checked please make sure it doesn’t say “See Attached”. It was defaulting that way until Megan fixed it so when auditing your own files make sure it doesn’t say “See Attached” if the other box isn’t checked.
  • POG Verification – No need to add this to the POG in school docs. Auditors will be checking to make sure it’s showing up in the activities so make sure it’s there before turning in the file. It will fail if it isn’t mentioned in the email that we are “pending POG” or “pending POG Verification”. Make sure you put the screen shot in the email to the auditors.
  • FAA Scripts – When doing an FAA please make sure that if you are using a script you don’t sound robotic or sound as though you are reading a script. QA is hearing this and it’s awkward.
  • ARM Budget – When filling out a budget with a student please make sure you verbalize why you are asking such intrusive questions. That way the student will understand the reasoning and they shouldn’t get defensive or upset. “In order to get you the best payment option possible I need to go through your budget”, or something to that effect.
  • IDs & SSCs – If a student has a temporary ID we need Kody’s approval. If a student has the receipt from the SSA showing they have ordered a new one we need Kody’s approval