August 12, 2016

  • ARM Changesarm changeseduplaneduplan2
  • Program Changes in CVue – Whenever you do a program change in CVue (for students who haven’t started yet), the registrar’s office needs to be made aware so they can change the classes they are enrolled for.
  • HCM1 – It is VERY important that students understand that when they receive a check it is NOT free money. It is intended to cover tuition charges that will be hitting their account in the near future. Some students do receive a CLE so if you are not sure if the student is a CLE student or needs to return the funds then please reach out to an ADOFP.
  • ARM PCE Completer Programs – If you are working with a completer degree the below transfer credits (in red) need to be added to the PCE in ARM in order to calculate 3rd year funding.
    • NUNUOB05 – Nursing BS Completer 116 + 90TC (206)
      RTRCMB01 – Resp Care CM BS Completer 96 + 84TC (180)
      RTRCPB01 – Resp Care ACP BS Completer 96 + 84TC (180)