August 12, 2016

  • ARM Changesarm changeseduplaneduplan2
  • Program Changes in CVue – Whenever you do a program change in CVue (for students who haven’t started yet), the registrar’s office needs to be made aware so they can change the classes they are enrolled for.
  • HCM1 – It is VERY important that students understand that when they receive a check it is NOT free money. It is intended to cover tuition charges that will be hitting their account in the near future. Some students do receive a CLE so if you are not sure if the student is a CLE student or needs to return the funds then please reach out to an ADOFP.
  • ARM PCE Completer Programs – If you are working with a completer degree the below transfer credits (in red) need to be added to the PCE in ARM in order to calculate 3rd year funding.
    • NUNUOB05 – Nursing BS Completer 116 + 90TC (206)
      RTRCMB01 – Resp Care CM BS Completer 96 + 84TC (180)
      RTRCPB01 – Resp Care ACP BS Completer 96 + 84TC (180)

July 22, 2016

  • FAFSA Chat – You can add school codes and check if the school codes have been added, or check for verification via FAFSA chat.
  • UEH Probation – UEH probation will NO LONGER prevent a student from receiving a tablet.
  • Signed PCEs and ARM – Please separate the PCE from the ARM and make sure they are right side up before uploading them to schooldocs.
  • SNT Flag and SNAP – If the SNT Flag states “Yes” on Page 3 of the ISIR, then there will be no need to make any corrections to SNAP on that ISIR. No matter the verification code, if SNT flag is “Yes” then corrections to not need to be made. Example below:SNT
  • NSLDS – We need to look at the loan details in NSLDS to see if there’s a date of delinquency for Direct Loans. This will not be visible with FFEL loans, so a phone call would be necessary to the loan servicer to see if they’re delinquent or not – that’s really the only way to tell. FFEL loans also follow different guidelines – the default can happen at 270 days delinquent vs 360 days, and they will also require paperwork for a forbearance vs. a verbal forbearance through a conference call.The best advice I can give is to encourage the conference calls with loan servicers if they know they’re delinquent on Direct Loans and then to check on the status with FFEL loans.
  • Fully Signed EAs – Dr. Alan Hansen will not be signing EAs until the POG is in and verified. This being said, you are able to turn in a file pending POG/Final EA and it will have to have both in order to be fully packaged.