May 18,2016

  • Business Income – If there is nothing in the file showing the student had business income, then we do not need to complete a business income statement. If business income is on tax transcripts or the student mentions it on the low income and/or V6 form, then we will need a business income statement.
  • Pending Loans – If academic and award year end dates have passed in COD then the pending loans do not need to be cancelled.
  • Pending Pell – If Pending Pell in COD is going to affect their Pell eligibility with us then it needs to be cancelled.
  • Low Income and SNAP – As per Ryan Perry, we can use the statement on the low income form as proof of SNAP for verification as long as there is not a dependency issue that would require proof and as long as it is not V6. Also, the dollar amount is not required or does not need to be exact in the statement (only need amount for V6 and dependency issues).