May 31, 2016

  • New PCE in ARM – The PCE still needs to show proof that it was sent to the student. In the future, when the student can sign the PCE, we can accept the signed PCE as proof. Until then, we need to have the email screenshot like always.
  • Conflicting Household Size on ISIR – As per Ryan Perry, we do not need to correct this unless it’s selected for verification. For example, student answers yes to married, yes to children, and yes to dependents but only lists 3 in the household. If it is not selected to verify this then CFA will not question it. If the student has dependency issues then we’ll want to check with CFA to see if they require the correction.
  • Low Income and SNAP *UPDATE* – As per Ryan Perry, we can use the statement on the low income form as proof of SNAP for verification as long as there is not a dependency issue that would require proof and as long as it is not V6. Also, the dollar amount is not required or does not need to be exact in the statement. However, if the student/planner wants to use the LIE as the statement required from the student on SNAP, it must follow the statement requirements for selected ISIR which SNAP is listed and must include years and amounts. (V1, V4, V5, V6)