January 20, 2016

  • In-Kind Support – Words from Ryan Perry, “a student cannot claim a child if he or the child is being supported more than 50% by the student’s parents. All other support given to the student, including the spouses parents, is counted as in kind support”.
  • Planner Changing ISIR Info – We cannot change anything on the ISIR unless we have agency proof. The number in the household and number in college can still be changed by the planner with a statement. Regarding the “Planner Changing ISIR Info”, this primarily relates to Child Support and Wages. SNAP can still be corrected with a statement for all Verification groups other than V6.
  • UEH Rollovers – If a student was approved for UEH or the UEH appeal process for a previous module, but rolls to the next, please have the planner email online.cfa with the final decision (“approved”) email correspondence, so CFA can update the hold group for the UEH student.We will be able to use the previous mod’s UEH paperwork for the file, but please make sure CFA is kept in the loop. Ryan has agreed to reply to the correspondence with an updated “approved” email to include in the file.
  • Determining Dependency Status – If a student is of dependent age, make sure you ask the right questions to determine dependency prior to completing the PCE, etc. This can save you a lot of time having to update paperwork.