October 5, 2015

  • Dislocated Worker – In order to continue receiving the dislocated worker discount the student must maintain a cumulative 2.0 GPA.
  • Repack Notes – Repack note on your contact manager list in Cvue that is within the 1st AY of the student originally being packaged is your responsibility to get the note cleared. Any other notes or request for updates to ARM or PCEs that take place in AY2+ will need to be directed to the ROSLC team as a repack note. If the business officer contacts a planner to create or update an ARM loan for a past student, please direct to the ROSLC team to have it updated.
  • Activities – Planners cannot close out an activity if it does not belong to them. Make sure it is reassigned to the correct person and leave it as PENDING.
  • Dependent Parent No Social – If the parent already put zeros on the FAFSA then it just needs to be wet signed by the parent. If the parent didn’t put zeros then the ISIR needs to be corrected by the planner and then wet signed by the parent.
  • Notarized Forms – We can turn in files with the picture and FedEx showing it’s shipped but we have to have the original copy by the MOD deadline in order to count them. They will be dropped like a pending POG if we don’t have it.

September 28, 2015

  • Business Income Form – This is only signed by the student or the parent. Send it to the person who had the income/loss from a business/farm. You will see on the email portion of the form that you can do Part B or Part C, most students are only Part C. If you have question refer to the email Christy Smith sent.
  • Change of Address Before Laptop is Shipped – If a student moves and contacts you about changing their address for their laptop shipment please send a new laptop form for them to sign. Once signed make sure it is in schooldocs.
  • Duplicate Files in SchoolDocs – Files will start failing if duplicate files aren’t deleted from Schooldocs now. Make sure to delete anything that is not needed in the file or that is duplicated.
  • Auditor Questions – Please be specific when you are asking if something will work or not. Explain why you are wondering so that the auditors do not spend extra time trying to figure out why you are asking. *Bad: “does this work” *Good: “can you read the DOB on this SS”. Be specific!
  • New Origination Fee – Starting October 1st the new fee is 1.068%
  • VA Transfer of Credits Form – This form needs to be filled out for every VA student whether or not there will be transfer credits.
  • Transfer Credit Requirement – We can complete an evaluation of unofficial transcripts and fully package a student with them but we do need the officials on file in order for the credis to actually apply to the student’s program.
  • ARM Approvals – When an ARM approval is given by Bret, we will be able to accept that approval +/- $100. This is the new stamp:ARM
  • ARM Approvals (Cont.) – Attached is a template that should be used for ARM approvals. The information listed in this email is required for the auditors even though Bret will approve them without it. Please make sure you are adding this info in there.
  • ISIR Corrections and Auditing – When sending a file in for audit that has had an ISIR correction to match taxes, please put the amount that was corrected not just “corrected to match taxes”.
  • Filing Tax Extensions on ISIR – If a student puts “will file” and says they filed an extension then we need the proof of the extension and the W2s are required. CFA will need to approve this and it all goes in the file. An ASNR will be generated so you’ll need to have the student update the FAFSA as soon as they do file.
  • Everest Transcripts – If the student wants to qualify for loan forgiveness then they cannot use transfer credits. If they use transfer credits and are already in loan forgiveness then those loans will go back into repayment.
  • Dislocated Worker – If a student qualifies for the dislocated worker when they begin then they must maintain a 2.0 GPA to keep it.