March 17, 2016

  • EC – When a student completes Entrance Counseling Online, the results are now showing as 2016-17. If the student completed EC in the past, it may show the applicable award year (14-15, 15-16, etc.)
  • Name Misspelled in CampusVue – In order to change a name in CVue we need the DL, ISIR, and SSC to all match.
  • False Start Student Files  – We need new forms filled out every 12 months. The NSLDS needs to be the most up to date and you need to check the MPN because if it was never activated then it will expire.
  • Both ISIRs Required – Starting for the May 2nd MOD, both ISIRs with the paperwork to go with them will be required to be in the file.

December 9, 2015

  • ARM Approval over 25K – If an ARM approval for over $25K is denied by Dr. Alan Hansen, please remove them from your daily report numbers (like a bad POG). Still do your best to bring in down payments, scholarships, etc., but there are certain cases that cannot be overcome.
  • PLUS Approved but Low Income (Cont.) – When a parent is unable to afford the PLUS and we are trying to bypass the loan we will need a statement from the parent, proof of fixed income, and a completed ARM budget. These items must be turned in to CFA for approval and they all go in the file under FA Parent PLUS Application Results.
  • Head of Household – We have been told by Ed Kraus that if the ISIR shows “Head of Household” but the student should not have filed that way, regardless if they are selected for verification or not, they must correct it. If they put it on the FAFSA on accident it must be fixed or if they actually filed that way then they need to be told to amend their taxes.
  • Entrance Counseling Assistance – Please make sure that you are not stating exactly where to find the answers to the questions. You are allowed to direct the student to use the chart to answer questions but please refrain from pointing out exactly where to go.

November 23, 2015

  • Restarts Policy Change – Starting 11/30/15 restarts will be 90 days out rather than 60 days.
  • Prior Enrollment Screen – Please include this screen in the file audit emails. They need it to see if a tablet should be sent or not.
  • Talk vs. Text – While text messages can provide convenience, there are times when an actual phone call is warranted. Please place actual phone calls, to have discussion about ARM, UEH, Verification, etc.
  • MPN/EC– If you have the time available during the FAA, please complete the EC and MPN. The ACs are going to help with them when they can, but if the FP can complete this during the FAA, please do.

August 31, 2015

  • In-Kind Support – Cannot be from student’s parents or from the other grandparents of the baby. A male student cannot claim in-kind support from the mother of the child. A female student can be independent if the boyfriend is providing in-kind support of her and the child. (This is approved by Ryan Perry)
  • Expired ID – If the ID or license is expired or expiring before the start date we need Kody’s approval to get it through audit.
  • SSC Receipt – Even if we have the receipt showing they are getting a new one we need the statement from them that they’ll send it in and Kody’s approval.
  • UEH With No Pell Used – CFA only requires NSLDS and the ISIR if selected for UEH and no Pell was used within the last 4 years. No need to get transcripts from the schools if NO PELL has been used within the last 4 years.
  • Prorating Loans Below Half-Time – Students ARE NOT eligible for Stafford loans if they fall below 9 credits in a single term. No need to prorate loans if below 1/2 time (9 credits).
  • EC Already Completed For Another School – If the EC has been done with another school within the year then these step can be taken to get our school on it:


  • Low Income and Children – If a person is claiming to support a child but make no mention of them anywhere in their statements it will fail audit. Make sure they mention the children somewhere in their statement. If everything makes sense then you’re good.