June 10, 2016

  • Emailing Through CVue – If you email a student through CVue and you are not the FP listed on their account, then it will look like it came from whoever the FP is that is listed. When emailing a student who is not yours, please use your Outlook.
  • Money Paid/Received *Update* – Only for depend students: If the parent gives the student money or pays a bill for the student it does not need to be added to the ISIR as money paid/received. If any person other than the student’s parents gives the student money it needs to be added. The FAFSA states, “Money received, or paid on your behalf, not reported elsewhere on this form. This includes money that you received from a parent whose financial information is not reported on this form and that is not part of a legal child support agreement”.
  • Auto Pay – When a student is approved for ARM with an auto payment then there must be proof in the file that it was set up. Erin will be adding this to the checklist for next MOD.