November 30, 2016

  • Uploading POGs – If you receive a POG from a student or AC, please send it to the student advisor to upload into CV. There have been a few instances when the planner has uploaded the POG and it causes issues outside of packaging.
  • FAA Templates – Remember to use these templates to help build rapport.
  • Pending Final ISIRs (Reminder) – Files can only be submitted to audit pending final ISIR if the below applies:
    • 1. The student must be selected for verification
    • 2. The corrections made must be made by the planner
    • 3. We must have documentation for the corrections made
    • 4. The corrections need to be identified in the file submission for the auditors.
  • Final EAs – We will no longer be able to package a file for a student without the final EA with all signatures. We can still submit for audit, but these will not be passed off until the final EA is loaded into CV. These will be treated like students who are “pending POG”.

September 21, 2016

  • V6 – V6 worksheet statement must be from the dependent student’s point of view, not the parents.
  • Student Authorization Form – We can only accept the NEW student authorization forms when packaging our students. Any returning student with an old SA form will need to complete a new one. Without the new SA form, CFA will not be able to order funding.
  • FAA Templates – FPs need to make sure they fully review the FAA templates prior to the appointment. There have been many opportunities missed, due to the planner failing to review what the AC has provided. Some of our ACs spend a considerable amount of time and effort to provide the planners with good information to use. Please make it a point to review these before your FAA, as the information can help with blow offs, useful information for packaging, etc.
  • Program Change – if you are changing a start date or the program version using the ‘Program Change’ button in the Enrollment Folder, please make sure you notify the Registrar using FAOT22 – Notify Registrar of Start Date or Program Change.
  • Collecting Payment Information (Auto Pay) – We will need to have the student talk directly with someone on the team that can do auto pay (C/O, ROSLC, Business Office, and ARM ). When a student is going to setup auto-pay for their ARM/balance, we are not allowed to collect the payment information (CC #, Bank Acct. #, etc.) in any format other than over the phone. Documenting the information on a form, email, etc. is out of compliance. We cannot store or share this information anywhere within our systems.