January 7, 2016

  • GOOFF (Get Out of Fail Free)– An email has been sent out about this. You need 8 perfect files in a row to get one. If you fail a fail you can use it if you fix the file within 24 hours of it failing. See email from Dave (12/23/2015) for details.
  • PLUS MPNs – We cannot accept PLUS MPNs for Masters students. They must be a regular MPN.
  • Parent PLUS Form – Do not send this form if you haven’t actually talked to the parent. An explanation needs to take place with the parent so they know what they are signing. Be sure it is the parent signing the form.
  • UEH Appeals – We MUST do everything in our power to obtain transcripts and ledgers for the applicable schools listed. The appeal process is only for those who CANNOT obtain transcripts (school closure, etc.). Do not take shortcuts.