April 4, 2016

  • POG Date – A POG is okay as long as it has a month and a year. So the only time we will need to get CFA approval is if the POG only has a year on it without a month.
  • MPN and Info Sheet – If the references relationship on the MPN doesn’t match the info sheet then we are fine.
  • Last Names – When a student has dual last names but only 1 on the ISIR and documentation, we can accept it as long as the ISIR isn’t C Coded. We are also able to accept it if the students maiden name is on the ISIR but the SSC has the new married last name if it’s not C Coded. (Per Ryan P.)
  • Independent Student Based on being Pregnant – We need a letter from the student stating when they expect to have the baby and that they “plan on providing for the child” once they give birth.
  • Gender Question on ISIR – If a female student doesn’t answer the gender question, we can correct it as an FP if we have a valid ID in the file. We do, however, have to wait for the new ISIR to come in before submitting to audit.

February 29, 2016

  • Info Sheet (UPDATE)– If a student completes the info sheet and makes an error, the FP is allowed to complete a new one and send it for the student to sign. ***This has been retracted. The FP is no longer able to complete this form on behalf of the student. If this changes Dave will let us know!
  • Address on Info Sheet – If the student address on the info sheet is incorrect you do not need to complete a new one. CFA doesn’t look at that. If any of the references have a wrong address then it will need to be corrected.
  • Cut Off PCE’s – PCE’s cannot be cutoff. They must be corner to corner and show when and who the email was sent to. It also needs to show the disclaimer at the bottom. If anything is cut off it will not pass audit.
  • Money Paid/Received – If the parent gives the student money or pays a bill for the student it does not need to be added to the ISIR as money paid/received. If any person other than the student’s parents gives the student money it needs to be added.
  • SEOG – If the student has used all Pell for the current award year and has a 0 EFC we can still award SEOG.
    If the student has reached Pell aggregate limits and has a 0 EFC we can still award SEOG.
  • Computer Fundamentals – A student can attempt to test out of Computer Fundamentals. It doesn’t cost anything. They can only try one time and have to pass with 90%+. The deadline is Sunday before classes start. If they pass the test then it works like a transfer credit. It can save the students money!!!

February 19, 2016

  • Loss of Subsidy – This is a flag on NSLDS that means students have hit their SULA (subsidized usage limit). The student is still eligible for funding, but it will all need to be in unsubsidized loans. So, instead of the normal $3500 sub and $600 unsub (1st year funding) it would be $9500 in unsub loans. Below is the flag that will show up on NSLDS. Per Joe Henderson in CFA.subsidy
  • IU Write Off Hold (CVue Hold Group) UPDATE – Students with a write off must always make the $500 down payment and the payment on the new ARM must be full payment + $100 prior to reentering. Their ARM must also be approved. No introductory payments will be allowed. (Per Bret Whetman) ***Write off holds for false starts WILL NOT require the above steps to be removed. The old ARM must be consolidated with new ARM then email Bret for the removal.
  • MPN and Info Sheet Reference – If a student is engaged and has a fiancé, they can use “father-in-law” or “mother-in-law” as a reference. Per Courtney England in CFA.
    POG for Masters students – It is not required to turn in a POG for a masters student UNLESS they are a V4 or a V5 verification.
  • Unofficial Transcripts – We can apply potential transfer credits off of an unofficial transcript to the PCE, but it is VERY important that you let the student know that we need the officials to adjust the class schedule. If they don’t turn them in then they will end up taking classes that could have transferred.
  • Show and No Show – Any call for an FAA that takes 10 minutes or longer will be considered a “show”. We have quite a few FPs indicating that FAAs a little over that mark are “no-shows”. 10 minutes is the key!
  • Carryover Students – Carryover students (students that didn’t finish up in the prior mod and are rolling) will count in your EA numbers, but not the FAA number until something has been completed. If a carryover student has completed their updated paperwork, this would be an EA and FAA.