April 26, 2017

  • Hyphenated Last Names – Dashes are not required for the last names on the DocuSign forms or EAs.  If the last name is Smith-Jones, it can read SmithJones and will be fine.
  • Tax Return Transcripts – We are now able to accept signed 1040s in place of tax transcripts, per Ryan Perry.

July 14, 2016

  • MSIA ARM – The payments cannot be lower than $25 a month even though it will automatically set it as lower (for the normal situation).
  • Married Last Name – If a woman has a different last name than what is on her documentation due to marriage, we are okay to get a marriage license to prove what it was.

April 4, 2016

  • POG Date – A POG is okay as long as it has a month and a year. So the only time we will need to get CFA approval is if the POG only has a year on it without a month.
  • MPN and Info Sheet – If the references relationship on the MPN doesn’t match the info sheet then we are fine.
  • Last Names – When a student has dual last names but only 1 on the ISIR and documentation, we can accept it as long as the ISIR isn’t C Coded. We are also able to accept it if the students maiden name is on the ISIR but the SSC has the new married last name if it’s not C Coded. (Per Ryan P.)
  • Independent Student Based on being Pregnant – We need a letter from the student stating when they expect to have the baby and that they “plan on providing for the child” once they give birth.
  • Gender Question on ISIR – If a female student doesn’t answer the gender question, we can correct it as an FP if we have a valid ID in the file. We do, however, have to wait for the new ISIR to come in before submitting to audit.