February 22, 2017

  • Professional Judgements & Verification Codes – Ryan P. confirmed that professional judgments and dependency overrides will not change a verification status when correction is made by the institution. This means that if the ISIR we have is not selected prior to the PJ/DO, we do not run the risk of having the new ISIR come back selected.
  • Completers and Master’s Students – Rather than only requiring proof in the financial aid file, we need to require transcripts and approval from the registrar’s office that the transcripts provided do meet our start requirements.

August 12, 2015

  • ARM – When sending an ARM approval for more than $25,000 and the student is employed please include their employer name on the email.
  • V6 – Make sure we are putting all of the information needed in the file and getting CFAs approval but more training on V6 will be coming.
  • UEH Denial Appeals – UEH denial appeal statement has to include that they understand the tablet and laptop will not be sent until after the first MOD
  • Cover Sheet in Docusign – If you are sending more than one document at a time please use the “Cover Sheet” so that it will link over to Schooldocs. If you don’t you will more than likely have to upload them all yourself.
  • Upgrades and Tablets – Upgrades do not receive a tablet UNLESS they would rather have a tablet than a laptop. If they would rather have a tablet than a laptop please let the auditors know that when submitting the file.
  • Masters and Tablets/Laptops – Master students do not receive a tablet or a laptop.
  • POG – Please ensure that all POGs (transcripts, diplomas, or any other proof) have the month and the year on them.