March 9, 2016

  • Uploading Student Documents – As a common courtesy to the auditors and CFA please make sure to have the students docs (ID, SSC, and POG) the right side up before sending to audit. Rotate them if they are upside down or sideways.
  • Step 3 of 5 when using Enrollment Wizard – We have been told to use the start date and Q when putting the term and billing in but L-Dene has verified that we leave the “Start Term” blank. Please see below:docs
  • Italicized Info on Audit Email – If there is an italicized note on your audit pass email please correct it. It will not cause a failure but it does need to be corrected.
  • Adding SNAP to ISIRs – We do need a permission statement from the student in order to correct the ISIR to say yes to SNAP, if they are selected for verification.
  • Parent PLUS Credit Check – The Parent PLUS Credit Check needs to be run within 180 days. If you have a PLUS result that is older than 180 days please run it again.
  • Split Award Years for Pell and SEOG– It is that time of year again when Pell and SEOG need to have a 15-16 disbursement and a 16-17 disbursement. If you have questions, please refer to Erin Anderson’s screen shot email.
  • April MOD Pell– Now that we are down to one disbursement of Pell for 15-16 we can use 2888 instead of the 2887.
  • Laptop Passwords Required Now – Passwords are required now for the HP 450s. It is “student” all lowercase. These laptops are for the Computer Science and Web Design laptops. Students may call and ask you what it is, so now you know.

November 18, 2015

  • Update to Dependent Parent No Social – When the signed ISIR is returned, the planner must go in and correct the ISIR to reflect that the student and the parent signed it. (STEP SEVEN)
  • High School or Equivalent on ISIR – The student must have a GED or Diploma to enroll, so they must choose one of those options on the FAFSA.
  • fafsa
  • Pell for Less Than 9 Credits – Loans are not available for anyone that has less than 9 credits in an AY but they are eligible for ¼ Pell if their EFC is low enough.
  • New Pell Disbursement on PCEs– According to Sonia’s new charts we are able to award more Pell than we initially thought. If your file has already passed audit there is no need to change it but if you can make an ARM lower then please do.
  • Arm Adjustment and Months to Repay– Remember that if your ARM total goes down to another bracket that you have to redo the loan to make the months lower.
  • Money Received/Paid on your Behalf (PARENTS OF DEPENDENTS) – There is not a spot on the FAFSA/ISIR to add this for a parent of a student so, as per CFA, it needs to be added to “other untaxed income”.

August 31, 2015

  • In-Kind Support – Cannot be from student’s parents or from the other grandparents of the baby. A male student cannot claim in-kind support from the mother of the child. A female student can be independent if the boyfriend is providing in-kind support of her and the child. (This is approved by Ryan Perry)
  • Expired ID – If the ID or license is expired or expiring before the start date we need Kody’s approval to get it through audit.
  • SSC Receipt – Even if we have the receipt showing they are getting a new one we need the statement from them that they’ll send it in and Kody’s approval.
  • UEH With No Pell Used – CFA only requires NSLDS and the ISIR if selected for UEH and no Pell was used within the last 4 years. No need to get transcripts from the schools if NO PELL has been used within the last 4 years.
  • Prorating Loans Below Half-Time – Students ARE NOT eligible for Stafford loans if they fall below 9 credits in a single term. No need to prorate loans if below 1/2 time (9 credits).
  • EC Already Completed For Another School – If the EC has been done with another school within the year then these step can be taken to get our school on it:


  • Low Income and Children – If a person is claiming to support a child but make no mention of them anywhere in their statements it will fail audit. Make sure they mention the children somewhere in their statement. If everything makes sense then you’re good.