February 22, 2017

  • Professional Judgements & Verification Codes – Ryan P. confirmed that professional judgments and dependency overrides will not change a verification status when correction is made by the institution. This means that if the ISIR we have is not selected prior to the PJ/DO, we do not run the risk of having the new ISIR come back selected.
  • Completers and Master’s Students – Rather than only requiring proof in the financial aid file, we need to require transcripts and approval from the registrar’s office that the transcripts provided do meet our start requirements.

October 14, 2016

  • Marital Status Override in FAME –marital-status
  • New Origination Fees – fee
  • Identifying a PJ – If a student has an EFC of anything other than 0000, but indicates to you that they are unemployed, out of work, have been laid off, etc., please be sure to discuss this in further detail, to see if they may be a good candidate for a PJ. QA will be listening for this as well, to ensure we aren’t skipping over something that can benefit our students.
  • CLE Requests – CFA will add the student to the CLE hold group in CVue when they are officially approved for the CLE.