Housekeeping – Catch Up – July 13, 2018

Fair Game: Use the FAIR GAME list when you have openings. We had over 200 assigned students last mod who did not end up moving forward beyond the FAFSA.
Verifiable items: FCF is not required for items the verification worksheet or IRS docs address.
Student Resources: SHARC now has short videos that give the students (and staff) a very quick overview and “how to” when it comes to starting classes at IU. Please take a look at them:
Dependent verification: if we have a dependent student that did not file taxes, we do NOT need proof of non-filing for the student – V1
Filing status: Single filing Joint but NOT selected we do not need to question. See attachment..
Dependents other than children: if ISIR lists dependents other than children and this is not accurate, but they are selected for verification, we do not need a FCF to fix. The Verification worksheet shows the relationships, we can remove DOC with VWS. See attachment..
For those student with a 0 EFC – SEOG $100 will now need to be added into the PCE. All in AY1, no match, just $100.
File Submission: In order to provide some clarification on what a file can be pending in order to submit it to audit, we have put together a list for you to reference.  We don’t want to hang on to files any longer than necessary, as the audit may provide us with early notification of needed corrections.  Let’s get files submitted fast and wrapped up as quickly as possible, to provide our students with the best experience we can.
Here is a list of what can be submitted for audit:
Pending fully signed EA
Pending Background Check (MSIA)
Pending EAC
Pending ISEP (with picture of it)
Pending Auto Pay
Pending POG
Pending Master’s Approval from Registrar
Pending ISIR Corrections – if selected
Pending RT Acceptance for RTIA
All FAA call: Your voices have been heard & we will be kicking off our 1st all FA call on 8/1/18. These calls will be held every Wednesday week 2 of each MOD. These calls will be providing any and all updates – CFA, DOE, Compliance, etc. This also means that you will no longer need to attend the CFA calls on weeks 1 & 3. On these FA calls we want everyone to speak up, ask your questions, voice your opinions, and seek clarification. One of the main benefits of having an all FA call is to ensure we’re all operating in the same manner while continuing to increase our students satisfaction. This call is required, please make sure to block the time on your calendars.
Reallocating funds: The PCE now prints the extra funds on the right side when you reallocate funds.  

August 24, 2017

  • Enrollment Restrictions – Make sure you are checking the enrollment restrictions for each state on DL 492R (see attached). There are certain states that require action on our part to make sure the student is packaged correctly. Make sure you are taking necessary actions to ensure we get the required documents and attach them as an EA attachment. For the restrictions on # of students enrolled, we need to obtain approval from the registrar.
  • Packaging Deadlines:  All files must be submitted for the initial audit by 5:00pm on Thursday, August 31st.  All resubmissions for 2nd audits and pending items must be completed by 11:00am on Friday, September 1st.
  • CampusVue Activities:  The new report we will be using for performance metrics does require that activities are added to CV.  Most of the team is doing a great job getting these activities added in real time, but there are still some gaps.  Please pull this report every morning and make sure the CV records are fully updated.  Once this is perfected, we can eliminate the need for daily reports.

May 18, 2017

  • Restart Paperwork – If a student is restarting, please do not delete the tablet or laptop agreements that are in their file.
  • SEOG 17-18 – On the Program Cost Estimate (PCE), the SEOG (17-18) should be split between the 1st two Academic Years.  $50 should be applied to the 1st AY in term 2.  $50 should be applied to the 2nd Academic Year in term 1.  If the 17-18 is unavailable to program in CVue, the FP will only program $50 in SEOG to round out the 16-17 award year.
  • Health Programs – We are still enrolling the health programs on the attached DLs (Health Information Management).  When confirming program availability we should ONLY reference the catalog and the two attached DLs.

April 19, 2017

  • 30 Day Hold – If the JFP forgets to check the box when running the enrollment wizard, the loan dates will be off.  The 1st year planners will need to be looking for the hold when they program the awards and manually update these if incorrect.
  • 17-18 ISIRs – If the 17-18 ISIR is causing an issue while programming awards, email L-Dene and see if she can fix it.

April 6, 2017

  • Award Letters to Students – CampusVue generates an award letter when CFA funds an account.  The award letter is sent via email, from the planner on the account.  Please familiarize yourself with the email sent and what the award letter looks like.
  • Scholarships – The planner does need to update the PCE and ARM when a student receives a scholarship.  Many of our students receive the scholarships long after they are packaged, but fail to update the PCE or ARM.  This causes problems when our collections department calls to collect on past due amounts when they do not actually exist.
  • CLE Hold Groups – The CLE group is no longer a hold group.  You will have to manually search the student’s groups to see if they are in the CLE group.
  • Matching Funds (UPDATE) – If a student qualifies for matching funds (tuition assistance match) and another CEHE grant/scholarship (Ex. 33% clinical grant), they can receive both.  Per Eric Juhlin, we CAN award CEHE grants and scholarships to students using the matching funds for tuition assistance.