August 12, 2015

  • ARM – When sending an ARM approval for more than $25,000 and the student is employed please include their employer name on the email.
  • V6 – Make sure we are putting all of the information needed in the file and getting CFAs approval but more training on V6 will be coming.
  • UEH Denial Appeals – UEH denial appeal statement has to include that they understand the tablet and laptop will not be sent until after the first MOD
  • Cover Sheet in Docusign – If you are sending more than one document at a time please use the “Cover Sheet” so that it will link over to Schooldocs. If you don’t you will more than likely have to upload them all yourself.
  • Upgrades and Tablets – Upgrades do not receive a tablet UNLESS they would rather have a tablet than a laptop. If they would rather have a tablet than a laptop please let the auditors know that when submitting the file.
  • Masters and Tablets/Laptops – Master students do not receive a tablet or a laptop.
  • POG – Please ensure that all POGs (transcripts, diplomas, or any other proof) have the month and the year on them.