September 21, 2016

  • V6 – V6 worksheet statement must be from the dependent student’s point of view, not the parents.
  • Student Authorization Form – We can only accept the NEW student authorization forms when packaging our students. Any returning student with an old SA form will need to complete a new one. Without the new SA form, CFA will not be able to order funding.
  • FAA Templates – FPs need to make sure they fully review the FAA templates prior to the appointment. There have been many opportunities missed, due to the planner failing to review what the AC has provided. Some of our ACs spend a considerable amount of time and effort to provide the planners with good information to use. Please make it a point to review these before your FAA, as the information can help with blow offs, useful information for packaging, etc.
  • Program Change – if you are changing a start date or the program version using the ‘Program Change’ button in the Enrollment Folder, please make sure you notify the Registrar using FAOT22 – Notify Registrar of Start Date or Program Change.
  • Collecting Payment Information (Auto Pay) – We will need to have the student talk directly with someone on the team that can do auto pay (C/O, ROSLC, Business Office, and ARM ). When a student is going to setup auto-pay for their ARM/balance, we are not allowed to collect the payment information (CC #, Bank Acct. #, etc.) in any format other than over the phone. Documenting the information on a form, email, etc. is out of compliance. We cannot store or share this information anywhere within our systems.

April 22, 2016

  • Child Support Paid – We can accept a statement from the student for child support paid even for V6. We can require additional information if it doesn’t add up. The statement, child support form, and ISIR all need to match.
  • Low Income Forms – CFA is more laid back with these forms now but they must have complete sentences on them. It needs to be more than just one or two words.

February 4, 2016

  • SFAC – The only thing required to be correct on the SFAC is “Yes” to the question about graduating and “Yes” to the authorization field. The Estimated Program Duration dates do not matter. Neither CFA nor the auditors will dig into this form, but it is important that we fix any conflicting information we can see. If it’s glaring (99 dependents under 12), then we need to fix it.
  • Planner Changing ISIR Info (*Updated) – We cannot change anything on the ISIR unless we have agency proof. The number in the household, the number in college, and changing the dependents from YES to NO or the other way around can still be changed by the planner with a statement. This primarily relates to Child Support and Wages. SNAP can still be added with a statement for all verification groups other than V6. NOTHING CAN BE REMOVED WHETHER IT HAS BEEN VERIFIED OR NOT. The student must remove it. If the planner removes it then CFA requires a wet signature. *
  • Low Income/V6 on New DocuSign Forms – Statements from students should be very similar to what we have been collecting. The only difference should be that we have the student type the information into the form, rather than sending an email.
  • SNT Flag and Low Income – If the low income form or statements indicate income that should be listed on the FAFSA, and they are not able to make the correction themselves due to the SNT flag, then we need to make the correction to add it, wait for the ISIR, and then get a wet signature.
  • Previous Loans – If a student had previous loans the in-school deferment form must be in the file to pass audit.
  • Default Letters – We cannot schedule FAAs without having verified the default clearance letter first.
  • Parents Who Do Not Have a SSN – We need a statement from the parent, indicating they are not citizens and are unable to apply for the PLUS Loan. They also need to add something in the statement requesting that we increase the unsubsidized loan amount.
  • If Pell is Wrong in CVue– Lately we’ve had a few Pell issues where CVue only allows us to put in 2886 when they are indeed eligible for 2887. Email L-Dene Zamora if this happens and she can fix it.
  • POG’s for V4 and V5– This has to be an official transcript when dealing with these two verifications. Therefore if a POG is stamped unofficial or indicated that it is not official then we cannot accept it. Per Ed Kraus.

August 12, 2015

  • ARM – When sending an ARM approval for more than $25,000 and the student is employed please include their employer name on the email.
  • V6 – Make sure we are putting all of the information needed in the file and getting CFAs approval but more training on V6 will be coming.
  • UEH Denial Appeals – UEH denial appeal statement has to include that they understand the tablet and laptop will not be sent until after the first MOD
  • Cover Sheet in Docusign – If you are sending more than one document at a time please use the “Cover Sheet” so that it will link over to Schooldocs. If you don’t you will more than likely have to upload them all yourself.
  • Upgrades and Tablets – Upgrades do not receive a tablet UNLESS they would rather have a tablet than a laptop. If they would rather have a tablet than a laptop please let the auditors know that when submitting the file.
  • Masters and Tablets/Laptops – Master students do not receive a tablet or a laptop.
  • POG – Please ensure that all POGs (transcripts, diplomas, or any other proof) have the month and the year on them.