January 27, 2016

  • Child Support Paid – According to IFAP, we only need a statement from the person paying the child support. If things don’t add up, we can request additional information to clear up anything that seems conflicting. See below:545
  • Planner Changing ISIR Info (*Updated) – We cannot change anything on the ISIR unless we have agency proof. The number in the household and number in college can still be changed by the planner with a statement. *This primarily relates to Child Support and Wages. SNAP can still be added with a statement for all verification groups other than V6. NOTHING CAN BE REMOVED WHETHER IT HAS BEEN VERIFIED OR NOT. The student must remove it. If the planner removes it then CFA requires a wet signature.
  • Temporary ID – If a student has a temporary ID that has an expiration date that is passed the start date (regular requirement) then we can accept it, unless they are selected for ID verification.
  • Veritax – Please make sure you are selecting the right year when requesting tax transcripts (2014).
  • Forwarding Emails – DO NOT forward internal emails of any kind to our students.
  • SFAC – CFA doesn’t care if the dependents under 12 question is incorrect. Try to make it correct but if it’s wrong it will not fail audit.
  • Pending Pell – Going forward we have to make sure any pending Pell is cancelled in COD. If there is pending Pell for the current award year, it cannot be added to the PCE for AY1 until it is cancelled in COD. If NSLDS is showing Pell for the current award year, a COD screen shot must be added to the file to show that it is cancelled.

November 10, 2015

  • Graphic Arts Program – The credits and tuition were changed slightly in August but some may not be aware. The new IL is attached.
  • Veritax – Heather came up with an instruction tool to help students sign the Veritax form. It is attached to this email.
  • File Audit Fails for SchoolDocs – Double check ALL of the documents uploaded to SchoolDocs before submitting for audit. Best way to do this is by using Docubinder (let ADOFP know if you need help with this). A lot of the file fails are for things like “info sheet doesn’t have 2 family references”, “PLUS form has wrong campus”, “Not all ISIRs are loaded into SchoolDocs”. DOUBLE CHECK EVERYTHING!
  • EFC Change after ISIR Correction– Notify the auditors of the new EFC when an ISIR correction is made. When putting what corrections were made please mention if the EFC went up or down and what it changed to. If it didn’t change please indicate this as well.