February 8, 2017

  • Screenshot of ISIR Corrections – When submitting a file to audit with a pending ISIR correction, please include the screenshots of the corrections and the EFC page of FAME.
  • Removing SSI income form 16-17 ISIR (UPDATE) – If the student removes it themselves, there is no need to get proof of non-filing for the 16-17 ISIR (per Ryan Perry).  Ryan P. confirmed that if a student removes income from their FAFSA themselves, there is no need to prove the non-filing tax status unless there is a concern.  If the planner removes the income, then we will need the non-filing tax status proof.  This is ONLY for the 16-17 ISIR.

January 13, 2017

  • CCode for Noncitizenship (CCode 105)– If the Department of Homeland Security is not able to confirm if a student is a noncitizen that is able to take out federal aid, then the attached forms and information is what will be required. The form must be filled out and mailed to the address.
  • Students Unavailable for FAA – If a student picks up for the FAA and is unable to start the appointment, please reschedule for the next available time on your calendar. If you or the student have reason to look at other calendars (availability concerns), please transfer to the JFP team to have it reschedule. Do not hang up with them without getting them reschedule one way or another.
  • Verification for Non-Filing Status for 17-18 ISIRs – We will require proof of non-filing status on all non-filers that are selected for V1 or V5 for the 17-18 ISIR. This is required even if they put their income as zero. They can set up an appointment at a local IRS office to get it, call to have proof faxed, order Veritax and have it come back saying they did not file, or try getting it online. If anyone else has any best practices to get these, please share.
  • ISEP Forms Date (Update) – ISEP forms do not always require that the student and notary date the form on the same date.  Some states allow notaries to sign documents that are dated prior to being notarized.  We do need to verify the state ruling for this on the state website: google search “State Notary Website” and select the sos.state website.  Proof of this must accompany the notary form if the dates do not match.

December 21, 2016

  • Carryover Students/Files – If a student/file is carrying over to the next MOD and is ready for audit, please submit a new audit email as if it’s a brand new audit. Do not reply as if it’s a 2nd audit for the new MOD.
  • Child Support for Spouse – The statement and form can be done by the student even if it was the spouse who paid the child support, per Ryan Perry.
  • Audit Emails – The auditors will not be CC’ing the AC/ADOA unless it is fully packaged. Please send out a package task letting them know that it passed pending whatever is left to fully package it.

November 30, 2016

  • Uploading POGs – If you receive a POG from a student or AC, please send it to the student advisor to upload into CV. There have been a few instances when the planner has uploaded the POG and it causes issues outside of packaging.
  • FAA Templates – Remember to use these templates to help build rapport.
  • Pending Final ISIRs (Reminder) – Files can only be submitted to audit pending final ISIR if the below applies:
    • 1. The student must be selected for verification
    • 2. The corrections made must be made by the planner
    • 3. We must have documentation for the corrections made
    • 4. The corrections need to be identified in the file submission for the auditors.
  • Final EAs – We will no longer be able to package a file for a student without the final EA with all signatures. We can still submit for audit, but these will not be passed off until the final EA is loaded into CV. These will be treated like students who are “pending POG”.

October 19, 2016

  • ARM Inquiries and Approvals – Bret Whetman is now the Associate Campus Director of IU, so Melissa Seideman will be taking over any inquiries and approvals for ARM.
  • Dependents Other Than Child or Spouse – If a student is selected for verification (V1, V5, or V6) and marks that they have dependents other than child or spouse on the ISIR, we will need documentation to prove the claim.
  • Misspelling on ARM/PCE – CFA will require a new ARM and/or PCE if a student’s name is misspelled on the paperwork.
  • Changing High School Type on the ISIR – Per Ryan Perry, the only instance where we can make the change on a high school type on the ISIR is if we have an official transcript. Please ensure that the high school type is correct on the ISIR when submitting the file.

October 14, 2016

  • Marital Status Override in FAME –marital-status
  • New Origination Fees – fee
  • Identifying a PJ – If a student has an EFC of anything other than 0000, but indicates to you that they are unemployed, out of work, have been laid off, etc., please be sure to discuss this in further detail, to see if they may be a good candidate for a PJ. QA will be listening for this as well, to ensure we aren’t skipping over something that can benefit our students.
  • CLE Requests – CFA will add the student to the CLE hold group in CVue when they are officially approved for the CLE.

September 30, 2016

  • Federal Direct Loan Origination Fee – It’s changing from 1.068% to 1.069% for both sub and unsub and from 4.272% to 4.276% for PLUS beginning October 1st, 2016.
  • Dates on Verification Docs – The date on the verification documents cannot precede the date of the ISIR. Be sure to look at the date on the ISIR, to ensure it falls on or after the date of your verification worksheets.
  • Recalling Messages to Auditors – Do not recall messages to the auditors. It doesn’t work most of the time. If you need to rescind the question or audit just email them again and tell them to ignore it.
  • AMOT Activity in CVue – Please look for this activity. If there is an activity with this code, the student is working with the academic team to reenter.